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Traffic data for websites is an essential component of successful marketing strategies. Detailed data estimates enable accurate decisions to be made. In this way, reports can be obtained about the income earned from the investments made and feedback can be provided.

It needs to be used to see high-level data on standard websites, application analytics setup, source, traffic patterns, behavior.


It usually contains specific target tracking, e-commerce information and little data. Internal redirects, which reduce the reliability of the values, are the failure to detect data containing spam traffic. In addition to the realization of the analytical account configuration, the services provided are provided in the field of digital marketing and advertising, with special consultancy services in the creation of Google Analytics selected custom dashboards.

Analytics Advisory Service
What Does It Include?


Studies to improve the image of your business, education applications are among the Analytics services. Consulting engagements are varied and colorful. There are some important cases that are checked for accounts. Google Analytics consulting service content includes:

Monitoring Inspection Services:

Studies to improve the image of your business, education applications are among the Analytics services. Consulting engagements are varied and colorful. There are some important cases that are checked for accounts. Google Analytics consulting service content includes: Changes in the content management system, frequent editing of your pages, corporate network usage, correct sessions of the pages, and examination of the dimensions you need are also included in this section. Payment gateways, CRM related integrations and error pages should be monitored so that statistics are not inflated incorrectly. Regular users are filtered by looking at the IP address and make suggestions about the codes.

Channel Reporting:

Reading and examining the data, supporting it with external tools, understanding the reasons behind the rise and fall, direct traffic view to the pages are seen. After the analysis, paid and organic search engines should clearly interpret the traffic from other websites. Comprehensive reviews are made in this section.

In addition to these, there are also objectives, e-commerce, advanced direction, data leadership strategies, dashboard creation, consultancy workshops.

What are the Advantages of Google Analytics Services?

The advantages of the digital marketing agency, which provides Google Analytics products, which are used to measure the performance of websites and mobile applications connected to your products or brands, can be listed as follows:


  • Google Adwords ad performance may increase.interactions on web pagesYou can measure it with Analytics.High conversions with low costs can be reflected in paid ad searches.Social media activities can be measured and reflected in the strategies used.Natural searches help seo results get better position.Digital marketing campaigns can be optimized for channels that convert well.Profitable conversions can be achieved by examining visitor demographic behaviors within the site.It is also possible to achieve profitable conversions through competitor analysis.

Content of Google Analytics and Reporting Services

In the current situation, having a website and being on social media are seen as a start in the internet world. When you reveal the product, the complaints and satisfaction of those who use it cannot always be detected. It is possible to learn the results with the reports provided by Google. The behavior of visitors coming from different paths includes information from what they liked to which page they left immediately. Configuration and optimization of Analytics accounts should be done by experts. “What is Google Analytics?” We can call the question “The best Google service for website analytics”. Services include integrated features such as Google Tag Manager and Data Studio.

Google Analytics Audit

In data evaluation processes, experts should perform a detailed Google Analytics check to avoid any problems.”What does the Google Analytics audit do?” to the question, “To perform the analysis of your website.” we can say. Experts provide detailed services that include configuration, tracking code, data integrity and conversion tracking auditing.


Why Should You Get Analytics Support?


Managing your marketing, promotion and advertising expenditures without measuring your brand’s digital marketing and internet activities will be costly and inefficient. Even if Analytics services are outsourced by teams located within the company or outsourced, regular performance measurements enable you to use your budget effectively. The basis of a successful marketing strategy should also be an analysis of website traffic. Analysis of certain operations, such as looking at site traffic, is done with Analytics. The results of the data obtained through analyzes help in planning and forecasting. In this way, the return on your investments can be measured. In the entrance section, analytics should be installed to monitor high-level data such as traffic status on the site, visitor behavior, inbound traffic sources, which are indispensable for websites. Although the analytical setups in the introduction do not contain detailed data, it is important to make the settings.


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